Waihau Bay New Zealand

Waihau Bay New Zealand

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Dawn banished night, slowly
merging lilac skies with heaven
kissed seas.
Momentarily the line between
heaven and earth was blurred,
the horizon - a fantasy.

I touched this place once - the
silence of that perfect hour.
It was as if the Earth had paused
a moment - to breathe.

Poetry Jam prompt - Silence

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A New Beginning

A new beginning I desired,
So left my job and loving wife
To stand on mountains, seas and land.
To wake each day a better man.

I hurried not my journeying.
My body learned new songs to sing.
I played at life yet always planned,
To wake each day a better man.

By day I played at bravery,
At night new lovers, pleasured me.
How tough it was to make a stand
To wake each day a better man.

But futile was my wandering
Returning home - no welcoming,
I found I’d not fulfilled my plan
To wake each day a better man.

My first entry to Poetry Jam.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Footwear Blues

I have decided to start my poetry blog again from scratch as I have probably edited and re-edited those that were here many times since then.  I joined "Allpoetry" last year so any I post there I am determined not to mess with ever again and will post some of them here.

This one is new this year, this week in fact I hope you like it...are there emoticons here???  Anyway here it is...

When I was born in Summer’s heat
I had fins instead of feet.
And ever since, I regret to say
My feet have plagued me, every day.

Each store I entered pushed and shoved
But, no footwear fit me like glove.
It was not fair, that none would suit,
Not woolly slippers, nor rugby boots.

Then one day my search was ended,
My fins with rubber flippers blended,
They were so comfy, soft, and supple
I waltzed from there, no longer troubled.

Today I swim where others saunter,
Over path and underwater.
My life is now an open book,
Though at my fins you cannot look.